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Zoo Park

discover the animal world

The Punta Verde Zoo extends for about 100.000 square metres between the Tagliamento embankments and is home to more than 1000 mammals, birds and reptiles belonging to more than 200 species. Every year the zoo is constantly renovated by reconstructing the animal habitat and above all its vegetation and flowers. Close to local flora tropical plants grow thanks to small lakes formed by thermal wells gushing at a temperature of 30°C: in this way they create microclimates which are suitable also to exotic animals.

In June, July and August the Zoo organizes a special summer centre where children can meet the animals, discover nature secrets, meet the people who care for the animals. Summer at the Zoo offers children so many different activities: they can meet the animals, play and be the little explorers.
Thanks to accurate information and identification labels one can learn so much of the animal world.

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